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Title: Birmingham Super Prix
Post by: lofty on July 26, 2014, 10:28:34 am
Road racing in the uk sometime in the future .According to the Beeb the govornment are concidering a change in the law to allow racing on public roads again. All they need to do next is organise the weather so a few more cars can finish.

Title: Re: Birmingham Super Prix
Post by: Grand_Fromage on July 26, 2014, 12:08:17 pm
I'd love to see it, but I doubt if the Superprix will return soon to the streets of Brum. I was there in the deluge at the first event in '86 but the following years had better luck with rain.

Title: Re: Birmingham Super Prix
Post by: Lorry on July 26, 2014, 10:31:47 pm
This has been on the cards for months, but went a bit quiet when 3 spectators were killed on the Jim Clark Rally, one of the few events that takes place on public roads (by its own Parliament or something complicated).  I heard that the spectators had got into a restricted area.  The public are always going to be the problem, as you can't let them stray on a race track, not that any of us have ever tried to get to The Mulsanne in the middle of the night.

The bill will go before Parliament, and knowing the complete lack of interest most MPs will have, it should go through.  I may ask you to persuade your local MP to vote Yes.  This doesn't mean that the Birmingham SuperPrix will come back, or we will have our own Le Mans, but from little acorns, might oaks do grow.  It will still need the approval of the local council, and brings us into line with the rest of the world for a change