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1891  Club Arnage / General Discussion / Re:Shoot the Penquin on: January 29, 2004, 02:53:53 pm
Damn penguins... 314.5 is my best... Miss most of them, can't be accused of wiping them out the way I play, YET! Angry
1892  Club Arnage / General Discussion / Pizza deliverymen 2003! on: January 28, 2004, 11:07:15 pm
I went Pompey - Le  Havre last year (to the race, silly) and sitting in the Club lounge I was reading the freebie AUTOCAR or Classics monthly , whatever about some guys from England that were going to ride pizza bikes from Uk to Italy on the weekend of The Race intending to scrounge the ingredients from some restaurant and deliver it unannounced to somebody in Italy. It said that they were going via Le Mans and intended to be at the race before the rest of the trip to Italy.

As andynick and I set off into the Fench adventure (first time driving in France for us) we set off into the overnight darkness intending to stay overnight at Gace en-route. Toodling along we passed the said group on their Honda mopeds and gave them a hearty wave. About twenty minutes later in the dark (on God knows what road, I'd become lost in France by then [hencethe nickname!] ) they pobbled past us while I was losing some unwanted on voyage extra liquid in the dark. A shout and a wave and they were gone again. Ten minutes or less later we passed them again, horn blonking and waving like the pair of loonies I am. Got to Gace, went to bed and drove down fresh on Saturday morning. When we were in the circuit near Tertre Rouge in the evening we met up with them and had a chat. They said that the security at the circuit were being less helpful than necessary and were last seen pushing the mopeds towards the Dunlop Bridge vicinity.
End of long story, anyone know how their adventure panned out? Huh

I sorta hope they made it to Italy Smiley
1893  Club Arnage / General Discussion / Re:Lost Ferraris on: January 28, 2004, 10:08:30 pm
Thanks DaveH, XP does more for me day by day!

If le mans SPS is having the red one, can I have the red one with writing on it, please? Any old transfers will do! Bloody hell what a treasury, In two hundred years a beautiful girl will tell tales of those cars to prevent herself being flogged off to some rich git, or dagged off to bed or summat!

Bloody hell..... Cool

1894  Club Arnage / General Discussion / Re:Lost Ferraris on: January 28, 2004, 02:49:25 pm
That is great reading!

It is a great article, but... help, tell me how to actually read it I can only see the fantastic photos! Do I have to do something technical? I would love the words to go with the pics, all I get is a blur of pseudotext. The cars look amazing... and the dust... (no its not amazing, I get dust under my bed that's better than that!) Cheesy
1895  Club Arnage / General Discussion / Re:Attention Mr harper on: January 27, 2004, 03:38:37 pm
What's the plan Robbo. Three minis ready to travel down in 2005?? One White, One Red, One Blue??  Smiley

We will strip it out , remove old A series , ad in 1400cc K series lump from a broken Rover ,put on  a flip font, leave the origional 1000 gear box in, strip interior, replace with roll cage and baby seat ( for Gold Fish and JO jO ) then give it a rally spec workout , and finally nice paint job and the obligatory Union jack roof job.

well thats the idea...


 I like the "remove the  A and bung in a K" bit, but I amn't convinced you  will get the K to do more than perch ungracefully on top of that 1000 cc gearbox!

I think you will have to persuade the whole K series drive train into the hole. It can be done but I'm buggered if I know enough to helps ya. Metro transplant looks likeliest, then use the 1400cc K to burn the balls off most convoy bound stuff heading Sarthe-wards.

Good luck and have fun.

Bill Shocked
1896  Club Arnage / General Discussion / Re:A little insight into the Maison Blanche campsite .... on: January 26, 2004, 09:15:25 pm
Now it's all gone scary... How the hecky thump am I gonna get a couple of Marshall stacks, and me amps and the old Telecaster into a midget this year? Was only room for andynick and me and a toolkit last year. Oh bollocks, that's it for the spare wheel and the toolbox then.


No, no way, live moosic can't be compulsary, I'm glad I'm in Houx Annexe this time...

1897  Club Arnage / General Discussion / Re:Peugeot to return to Le Mans? on: January 24, 2004, 02:15:35 pm

To be that casual about travelling at 406mph, maybe they had better use that driver too. I wonder if he can keep it up all day and night....?

I wonder if I should have asked... Tongue
1898  Club Arnage / General Discussion / Re:Bit of a spotter on: January 22, 2004, 02:27:44 pm
All he needs now is Natalie Portman for his "co-pilot"!!


Wrong, I need Natalie as MY co-pilot (sorry Nick, but you have to have priorities)
Bit of a spotter" the title for this thread, isn't it? Is that how you spell tosser? I dunno about Han Solo, reckon he will be All Solo, for the rest of time...

"Long ago and far away there was a wan.........."
1899  Club Arnage / General Discussion / Re:T Shirt on: January 22, 2004, 02:05:59 pm
Well. I just spoke to Nick (andynick) he tells me he would like a shirt too so that seems to be another two for you  Robbo, XL I expect. Nick if I got it wrong tell Robbo as soon as possible. Cheque in the post today for 18, OK?
1900  Club Arnage / General Discussion / Re:Modern Commer Replacement on: January 20, 2004, 09:19:16 pm
Airfix 1/32 scale kits are quite good for slot modifying - there must have been a Commer one made at some point - I'll go check ebay.

As for the venue, I have to say that I have the ultimate Scalextric track designed (but not built yet - got all the track but needs to be outdoors and no good weather yet). Just under 13 metres (tad over 40 feet) x 5.5 metres (18 feet). Will dig out the design.....

Well I used to know the AIRFIX catalogue by heart but they never did do a Commer, Though Dinky did. I wonder if Triang/minic did one that may be raceable, if so.

I used to scratchbuild aircraft , ships and carts and wagons from plasticard, might have to look into it, could be fun.

Take a while I'm still getting ready to put a BMW 5 speeder into Lara, the Midge, in time for the French blast.

1901  Club Arnage / General Discussion / Re:Going down in a Porsche? on: January 17, 2004, 04:18:26 pm
Perdu / Bill

If you are ordering  a  t shirt i can throw in some "tape" for taping off your pitch, Free of charge. I have rolls of the stuff, which my company supply to me. I have red and white or blue and white. Then just get some old copper tubing or a little 1 x 1 wooden battons , cut them down , and hey presto , cheap fencing.

You can then fence off your garage area.
I think you can just about make out what i am saying in this picture. The space next to the van had a TVR in later on Friday.
Photo taken on arrival on Thursday lunch time.  

Robbo, I have been thinking of having a shirt too, but I'll wait a day or so to see if Nick wants one too. I am making two for us of the car we are going in as well.
1902  Club Arnage / General Discussion / Re:Going down in a Porsche? on: January 17, 2004, 11:23:15 am
 Smiley Smiley Smiley

Thanks Steve, I will, remind me if I forget willya? Grin


"Aha, I just spotted the little icon for insert image, is that where I do it then? Thick idiot ain't I?"
1903  Club Arnage / General Discussion / Re:Blog or no blog? on: January 16, 2004, 07:22:55 pm
I would use a CA email addy too, but as to the blog, would you need it to be updated daily? There is a lot of commitment to doing a blog, it has to be a hobby in itself.

1904  Club Arnage / General Discussion / Re:Going down in a Porsche? on: January 16, 2004, 07:15:36 pm
Hi Steve, that must be the area that a couple of ACO stewards let Nick and I into on the Saturday to see if we could find a spot for the Midget and the tent. Every thing was taped and fenced off up in that corner near the roadway, track by Houx so we came out and stopped on Antares. They didn't seem very fussed about us going in there, but obviously there wasn't any room by then. Would you mind watching over a space for us, we do have them booked after all.
Next daft question, sorry! Do you park cars between, or in front of the tents? How do you keep the places, just with the fences? When you jet off to other bits of the circuit... Smiley

Sorry if I'm being a pain, but if it was just Nick and I alone I wouldn't be as concerned. Just having others tagging along on the strength of just how much we liked last year is a bit of a liability. Roll Eyes
1905  Club Arnage / General Discussion / Re:Alcohoroscopes on: January 16, 2004, 04:11:23 pm
Ditto, far too much like someone sitting here at the moment, typing and remembering the last time I got ..... enjoying myself, and others.

Libra, too.


Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed  Grin
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