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Author Topic: Satnav POI's for Le Mans  (Read 3925 times)
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« on: January 09, 2012, 03:07:18 pm »

I've modified the list of Le Mans POIs produced by Stu years ago.

The problem (for me!!) was that they were all generated as POI Categories, which meant that when you wanted to display them on the map on the PND, you had to click on dozens of Categories.

I've generated 3 new files (Categories):


The first two are self-explanatory, the third just contains the Rotunda and the main ciricuit entrance.  I've also thrown in a fourth - the Atlantides swimming pool.

They are currently in .ov2 format (for TomTom), and can be converted using progs like PoiEdit (free download) to other makes of PND (Garmin, Navman etc).

I'm trying to get these hosted on one of the POI library sites, from which you will be able to download in the format you require.

The files are all 'Zipped' in one file "LM_POIs", so you will need Winrar or Winzip (again free downloads) to unpack them.

Once unpacked, you'll have to get them onto your PND by whatever method is necessary for that device.  I can only advise on TomTom navcore 9 or earlier devices - and it's quite different for the newer navcore 10 models (Go 800/1000/VIA/Start20).

For TomTom navcore 9 models, simply connect the device to the PC - the device then looks like another disk drive.  Use Windows Exlorer to copy the files (both the .ov2 and the .bmp) from where you un-zipped them to the map folder - called someting like "Western_Europe".  If you haven't got maps for Europe, or only Major European Routes, there's not much point in loading them although the POIs will still show up, but will appear in the middle of nowhere!!

The original files also contained details of all the car parks around the circuit.  I didn't want them, but can easily add them to the archive file if someone else does.

If anyone wants any other detail or category added, then let me know - come to think of it, the location of all the bars may be useful   Shocked Shocked

This info will also be going into the wiki and the Guide.


The archive file is given below - just click on it.

* (3.94 KB - downloaded 285 times.)
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