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====== The Club Arnage Forum Gathering ====== ====== The Club Arnage Forum Gathering ======
 +Club Arnage Forum Gathering
-One of the main elements of any big race meeting, event, or trip, is the social opportunities it brings up. Every year, friendships are made, and galvanised at Le-Mans. +The traditional CA gathering in the race village will be on Saturday, 11th June, start around 9:00 pm. Location is the area around the “Courbe” Bar – or the “Restaurant de la Courbe Dunlop”, that’s how it is officially called. This place is on the inside of the pit exit towards the Dunlop chicane and offers the advantage to meet and see the race at the same time.
-  +
-Given that you've downloaded this guide, you should now be aware of what Club Arnage is all about - like-minded individuals, who share their experiences in a group whose ages vary from the very young (kev is about 12 I think ;) to the very old (Smokie, Bob, JPC!).+
-But the group is not exclusive.  Every year, we welcome new and old members at a pre-planned location, to natter, drink, and in some cases fall over comatosed (this is often left to the dutch contingent) 'til the early hours. Traditionally this meeting takes place on the Saturday evening, once the race is started, and continues deep into the night. It's a chance for old and new faces to mingle, discuss racing, girls, men, vodka, champagne, and probably the football.+How to get there: Coming through the main entrance just go into the tunnel in front of you which leads to the inside of the track. Exiting the tunnel just turn left. The “Courbe” Bar it is the bright red building by the track side, watch out for groups of people in CA T-Shirts. It’s a public gathering in a public place, so non-CA members are of course welcome. To all CA-members: Please wear your CA t-shirt! Some comments about previous gatherings:
-In 2010, the FIFA World Cup in South Africa will take place. Given the involvement of England in this tournament, the decision has been taken to move the traditional Saturday evening meeting, to deep into the night - midnight to be precise - in the hope that those who want to watch Englands progress to the world cup final, can do so without missing the gathering. +• “Great to meet all of you at the Poo Bar gathering and put some faces to the names.”  
- +• “Does anyone remember one of the first of our gatherings at the poo bar, about ten years ago I think when the official dress code was tea towels on the head… Ah, happy days.“ 
-**Where?**  At the exit of the Porsche Curves which is within the Maison Blanche camp site, see map below +• “I laughed at the Poo bar when someone started changing people's 2004 CA t shirts to 2005 with a permanent marker...” 
-**When?** Midnight on Saturday +• “Of course I never saw the old Poo Bar, but the party at the new one was awesome. It was indeed everything I expected and then some… The Poo Bar experience was one of the main factors for my decision for going to Le Mans and it did not let me down. 
-**How will I know?**  Look for approximately 300 Club Arnage t-shirts, and a trailer bar surrounded by dutchmen+ “The hangover I woke up with on Sunday Morning felt like I had passed to the other side. Still, it was worth it, what a great night.
-**Who is welcome?** Everyone, whether a member, or within a members party - we're not precious - if you're game for a laugh, then we'd love to see you. +
- +
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