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Helicopter flights

Le Mans Airport is directly opposite the circuit, so not surprisingly there is the option of booking a helicopter flight around the circuit. In the past years there have been several companies operating those flights, all of them followed more or less the same routine. Expect to pay approx. 100 € for a 10-minute flight, reservations don’t seem to be necessary. Several CA members reported that they just walked up, paid their money and got their flight without having to wait.

Cruising at 200ft and just over 100 mph gives a different perspective of the circuit and race. Views are good and it isn’t necessary to all charge for the seats by the pilot. The flight enables you to see all the circuit and all the track campsites, it is easy to spot you own tent and any of your group lounging around having a cold one.

Cars slip by underneath as they are travelling much quicker. It might be wise to take the flight early on during the race, as by Sunday morning half the field could be retired, particularly if there are specific cars you would like to see around the circuit. The aircraft seat between four to five passengers at a time, you can let the ground crew know how many are in your group and they will make sure you are together.

The flights operate over the early part of the Qualifying sessions on Wednesday and Thursday and throughout Saturday and Sunday. In the past the ticket office and take off point have been almost in front of the main A.C.O. HQ building. There are some signs for directions but look out for helicopter activity and a hole in the airfields concrete panelled fence and people heading towards the flight ticket portacabins. There are two pay windows, one with a long queue, non-French speakers and one with a short queue, French speakers.

Next is the security check and after that you get directed to one of the tents to await your flight departure. It is all very straight forward and well organized.

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