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Travelling with children

When visiting Le Mans, you may consider bringing your children. Conventional wisdom is that you shouldn't. However, some members have taken children and both adult and child actually enjoy the experience.

Consider their maturity. Children may need to be up to fifteen years old before you take them, and even then it may be unwise.

The older the child, the easier it is for them to cope with the rigours of the event and perhaps even appreciate a view into an adult world of fun. They generally have less stamina so you should consider the impact on your ability to watch late night racing. They certainly won't be able to stay up for twenty-four hours, despite their best efforts, so don't expect it.

A grandstand seat is useful to provide a base, somewhere to rest up and provide protection from rain or sun and to let them see the racing that they wouldn't otherwise see over the heads of others. A grandstand opposite a big screen will help too. A grandstand is particularly useful for the start and finish when it is very crowded.

We advise that you take them on a camp away from home a few times before buying tickets as a test. You might also consider a trip to a local race event to test their aptitude to motorsport. Preferably a long one. Apart from the race, and a few amusements, there isn't a lot to entertain children at Le Mans so you should be certain that they will follow the racing. Getting them to listen to Radio Le Mans will help in this regard.

You may find that teenagers are used to amusing themselves via pocket electronics but require regular wifi.

Trips to McDonalds might be required both for the food and for the free wifi.

Don't expect much help with camping - they're often used to having other people do it for them.

Don't forget ear protection - ear protectors with inbuilt radios will allow them to follow the race making it more enjoyable for you. Also remember the sun cream.

Consider personal safety. It's easy to get separated at the race in the crowds and even in a large supermarket and you should think about this risk, how to deal with this and what you want them to do in if that eventuality arises.

Crowds also allow criminals to operate and you should consider the risk to your children - this might be nothing more that having their electronics picked out of their pockets, but there could be consequences.

You might have to consider your alcohol intake - after all, you will be the responsible adult.

You should also think about the implications on your return. In the UK this might be a fine for taking your children out of school without authorisation. It may be that they are unable to respect the “what happens on your stays on tour” mantra and spill the beans in a way you might regret.

A trip with the right child can be very rewarding, both on your relationship and on your enjoyment - there's nothing better than seeing the race through the eyes of someone who is seeing it all for the first time, and it may even be the start of a lifetime of annual enjoyment. As a Father/children bonding a trip to Le Mans is unlike anything else.

Entry tickets: Admission for children up to 16 years is free.

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