CA-LeMansGuide2012 Download-Page


Click here to download the 2016 Club Arnage Guide (7.539 KB, 89 pages) - right-click and press "save as"...
It's a pdf-document, you'll need the free Acrobat Reader (min. version 8.0) to print it.

Alternative Download Location: Download the 2016 Club Arnage Guide

An advice: Some people find the guide too big and too much to carry. We agree that especially for the Le Mans veterans amongst you chapters like the introduction or the shopping hints are probably not needed - but we want to serve the Le Mans newbies as well. There is a page break after almost each chapter, so there is an easy solution to this little problem:

  1. Download the guide
  2. Make your donation ;-)
  3. Have a thorough look at the table of contents on page 3
  4. Print out only the chapters you need!
  5. Enjoy the race


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