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The “Ceremony of Hands”

Le Mans is a city which is proud of its racing heritage and its rightful place at the centre of Sports Car Racing throughout the world. No visitor to the city can fail to miss the monument to the 24-hour- race in the Place St Nicholas in the centre of town, and its surrounding bronze paving slabs commemorating all the recent LM winning teams – plus individual ones for Le Mans legends like Jacky Ickx, Derek Bell and Henri Pescarolo. Each year, at eleven o’clock on the morning of the day before the race, the three winning drivers from the previous year, gather along with members of the press and public, and local luminaries, for the “Ceremony of Hands”. A bronze plaque is unveiled with the names of all three drivers and an impression of their hands. One of the lower-key, and least well-publicised events of the week, it is nevertheless a “must visit” for anybody who has not done it before as it gives a good opportunity to get up close and personal with the top three drivers, and to join the city in celebrating its place at the centre of the sport. It’s usually each Friday prior to the race at the Place St. Nicholas, Le Mans city centre.

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