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The Saint Saturnin Classic British Welcome

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The village of Saint Saturnin is situated on the main Northern entry to Le Mans, about fifteen minutes from the Circuit. Because of the tremendous popularity of the Le Mans 24 Hour Race with the British and other Nationalities arriving in classic and sports cars, the event, held in the grounds of the Val de Vray has become a highlight of the Le Mans week and amazingly, celebrates its own tenth birthday this year. The objective of the St Saturnin Classic British Welcome is to provide a rendezvous and relaxing welcome point for those arriving, or those already in Le Mans, to take a breather from the Circuit and or the City.

The organisers of the now familiar and very popular Classic British Welcome are pleased to announce that their partners for 2011 are the Jaguar Drivers' Club, theJaguar Enthusiasts' Club and Amicale Jaguar de France who will be along to help CBW celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Jaguar E-Type.

Each year the event is themed on a specific marque, former years have included Jaguar, Porsche, Lotus, Aston Martin, Healey, Ferrari, Morgan,Corvette and Guests of Honour have included Jan Lammers, Derek Bell, Sir Stirling Moss, Johnny Herbert, Paul Frère, Michael Salmon and Jean Bloxham,Yves Courage. For the 2011 edition the Guest of Honour will be the grand-homme of French sportscar racing - Henri Pescarolo. Within the site there will be restaurants, bars, picnic areas, boutiques, an exhibition of the featured marque, plus models, photographs, ACO Ticket Office, an air conditioned cinema, free car wash, Meguiars Car Care, live music and lots more!

A collection of Jaguar “E” Types will depart in convoy towards late afternoon to join the City Centre “Grande Parade” accompanied by a “squadron” of Harley Davidsons!

The event, with free entrance and parking, is held all day Friday 10th June (09h00 to 18h00) Average figures for visitors are about 5,000 and classic and sports cars around 1000.

See Web Site for further information, access plan and photos:

Association Saint Saturnin Classic British Welcome, Centre du Val de Vray- Rue de l'Eglise, F-72650 Saint Saturnin, France

Or contact direct:

John Curtis,


Phone: +33-(0)243 890 483

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