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The Drivers' Parade

On Friday evening before the race, many people head for the centre of town to the “Parade des Pilots”; that’s the Drivers' Parade for those of you who don't speak French. This is a unique event full of atmosphere which packs the centre with usually more than 100.000 people. All the drivers are parading around in historic open top cars, there are marching bands and personality girls. The parade is rather informal, laid back and also a brilliant opportunity to get drivers autographs.

The annual drivers' parade 2010 will be held in Le Mans city centre on Friday, 11th June from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Do not plan to go there by car, it’s much better to take a bus or the tram from the circuit and to walk the rest. For details about the tram please see our chapter “Transport in Le Mans”. There is a website about this event at where you can download a map of the route (parcours)

Drivers Parade 2005, © Steve Brown

Drivers Parade 2004, © Steve Brown

Drivers Parade 2004, © Steve Brown

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