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First aid – the Medical Centre

Sometimes bad luck hits and you might be in need of a doctor. The Medical Centre is near to the old Motor Museum building. Plenty of doctors and nurses are on duty there and usually you will find someone who speaks also English or German. The author of these lines brought a mate of him there some years ago and these people did a great job. They were very friendly and helpful and there is probably a lot of volunteer work involved, so full kudos to these people! A new purpose built medical centre was opened in May this year, which replaces the old pre-fabs so it should be even better equiped now.

There are also a few paramedic vans posted around the circuit - ask for “poste de secours” or “poste medicale”. In '09, there was one in the car park next to the Bleu Nord campsite, just opposite the circuit entrance. The paramedics were extremely helpful when we needed some assistance - they were glad of something to do. Nb - if you need treatment make sure you can show them any drugs that you are taking already (legal or illegal).

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