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Internet Access

Wi-Fi Hotspots

A free wireless internet access point is available at the McDonalds on the Mulsanne straight (1st chicane), actually all McDonalds branches in Le Mans seem to offer this service. A commercial hotspot seems to be available at the racetrack, a search on the internet found this company: Neuf Telecom, Rue des Raineries, Le Mans, Phone +33-(0)2- 43402510. According to there is now a free Wi-Fi connection at Arnage airport. This appears to be provided by Orange and runs on 802.11b. If this proves to be accurate then those campers on Bleu Nord might be able to access this hotspot. Should you stumble across other Wi-Fi hotspots this year, please update this page or drop us a mail.

French Data SIM Card offers in the UK

There are several offers on the web for Pay-Monthly data SIM cards for use whilst in France, e.g. at

Data SIM Card offers in France

There is a SFR store next to the Carrefour and where you can buy such cards, see In 2011 a USB stick with a SIM to access the internet cost 9.90 € for 3 days, you could recharge those for 9.00 € for another 2 days unlimited internet access. There are also good PAYG offers from Leclerc and Auchan supermarkets and from Orange. An overview about other options can be found at However, please note that French internet is very regulated and you must produce proof of identity and address to sign up in France. We're not aware how these companies react to overseas visitors so any feedback on this aspect would be most welcome.

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