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Problems / Open topics:

  • There is still some debris left over from the move to the ca_guide namespace I need to reindex the wiki — Lawnmower Man 2010/02/24 09:13
  • There are still some problems in the Changes mail. — Lawnmower Man 2010/02/25 10:08

Problems / Fixed topics:

  • It would be nice if a click on the CA logo in the upper left corner would always lead back to the wiki start page (caguide) Fixed — Lawnmower Man 2010/02/17 14:40
  • When I click on “recent changes” and click then on the “old revisions” icon for one of the documents, I get a message “command disabled”. Fixed — Lawnmower Man 2010/02/17 11:28
  • Configure security as outlined in the Dokuwiki Security page Fixed — Lawnmower Man 2010/02/17 12:21
  • An automatic E-Mail notificaton to admin (me) when someone has edited the Wiki would be nice — Werner 2010/02/17 15:05 Fixed Notifications are now working as required I believe. Just requires Werner's confirmation. — Lawnmower Man 2010/02/22 23:56 Yes, works perfect now — Werner 2010/02/23 13:50
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