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Welcome to the Club Arnage 24h of Le Mans Wiki

:!: Attention: In case you are planning to make any updates for the CA Guide 2010 -which is highly appreciated - , please do so until 28th May! I will copy all content from this wiki to the CA Guide on 29th May 2010, so all updates/changes made after this date will go into the 2011 edition :!:Werner 2010/05/20 11:24

So this is it! Long planned! And now - thanks to Tom and Lennart - we've finally put it online: The new Club Arnage (CA) Wiki to the 24h of Le Mans. The idea is to use the information in this Wiki for the annual “CA Guide to the 24h of Le Mans”, which has been published since 2006 and which can be downloaded and printed each year at the beginning of June. We hope to encourage you to contribute your information, please work with us to update this wiki if you can improve it. However, a few rules apply:

  • Only registered CA forum members can edit this Wiki. Becoming a forum member is easy and painless, just go to the Forum Registration page and join us. Your user account and password will then be also valid for this wiki.
  • I reserve the right to delete contributions which I consider inappropriate, redundant, off-topic, meaningless or otherwise unsuitable without prior notice.
  • You grant CA the right to publish your contributions in the annual “Club Arnage Guide to the 24h of Le Mans”. The guide is free, no author's salary for you, but you will of course be credited for your work.
  • Please respect copyright laws and publish only text and pictures which come from yourself, your mates or which are in the public domain.

For a start I have filled this Wiki with the content of the 2009 CA Guide - so it's the update for 2010 which need to be made. In case you feel not comfortable editing this wiki by yourself, you are welcome to send your contributions and suggestions to - I will take care of it. Should you have any problems while editing this Wiki, please post them here.

So now click here if you want to view or contribute to the new CA Guide.

The archived CA Guides are still available for download.


Werner Kirchmann - CA wiki housekeeping department :!:

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